Director Talks

Though I understood the importance of English when I was 17, I started working on it when I turned 22. Like many youngsters whom I educate these days the importance of English in their careers, I also postponed improving my English by offering excuses even after realizing the importance of it. It means I also postponed my success at least for five years!!! Recently I have learnt that the word “DECISION” means no other alternatives or choices. When I was 22, I took the “DECISION” Yes, I had no other choices, no other alternatives. Either do or die but no try.

After resigning my job in Bangalore as a Language Trainer, I joined with a training organization in Calicut as a Trainer. While I was enjoying my job, I was informed that the Manager was not happy with the way I trained and within one month I was terminated, and the reason offered was that my training had no positive effects on their students. Now I believe that it was the definite plan of the great Almighty because if I hadn’t been terminated, Oxygen-English wouldn’t have been born. I am truly grateful to these turn of events. But for that, I wouldn’t have realized my true potential!

By the grace of God, the students who completed our unique way of learning in Oxygen English started showing outstanding results. After experiencing remarkable success in their own ability to speak Standard English, my students started referring the name of ‘Oxygen English’ to their friends and relatives. My students have proved the effectiveness of the tools and methods that we follow

at Oxygen English. And from that one student, we have trained more than a thousand. I still believe the best advertisement for Oxygen-English is our Students themselves. And I would like to thank all my students because where we are right now; it’s all because of them. All this happened because of their extra ordinary thoughts and actions. Once again, I thank each one of you individually.

Nearly everything I have achieved in Oxygen English has been accomplished with other people. How can I forget the unconditional support that I have got from some organizations in Calicut. Mr.Shiju Cheriyan, HR manager of IPSR solutions Calicut, Mr. Raneesh, CISCO division head of IPSR solutions, Mr.Binoy, Center head of Keltron Animation Campus Calicut, Mr. Muraleedharan, Managing Director of Ayurvidhya Kendram. Mr.Babu, Manager of Ayurvidya kendram Calicut. Mr.Adv.Dinesh, Mr.Deepesh Nair, Mr.Sajith, The Directors of JobSecura and many others. These wonderful people have always been with me every step of the way. Thank you sirs, Thanks a billion.

Nobody can be a “worthwhile somebody” all by themselves. That is exactly true in my case. How can I stop this without thanking the great trainers who have had a big influence on my life? Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield, Nick Vujicic, Shiv khera, Rhonda Bryne, Sajeev Nair, Hari, Jerry… the list goes on. If I hadn’t listened to these amazing trainers, I would be wasting my life by waiting for the ideal conditions.

Once again, I wish all success to each of my students who became the brand ambassadors of Oxygen-English with their extra ordinary commitment. Thank you for trusting me with your precious time. With your support we are going to prove that Oxygen English was born to become the best organization for the WORLD.

My dear friends, if you have been in search of an Organization to improve your soft skills, especially fluency in English, I welcome you to Oxygen English. It is not our intention to please you or to satisfy you. Our intention is to amaze you with our commitment and the results that we deliver.